I'll Bet Chad Ochocinco Also Has An Edge Card


    You can get sega tennis on 360 for $4AU at EB

      I can beat that. A couple of years back, I got a new copy of DOA4 for 360 from a clearance sale at Harvey Norman for $2. No joke.

    NHL 07 - $1 Games clearance sale
    NBA 07 - $2 Games clearance sale
    :) I am a happy chappy

    They were probably getting sick of having it returned so often. Look how many pre-owned stickers have been applied on top of eachother! At least three are visible, maybe more that we can't see, then above them the adhesive residue from stickers that have previously been removed... god knows how many. Lol.

    Got it beat.
    DJ Hero Renegade Edition NEW for $24

    God Bless Game and their ridiculous sales.

    I would say the multitude of stickers are just from them lowering the price.

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