I'm Commander Shepard, And This Is My Favourite Cosplay In The Entire Universe

Remember that Mass Effect 2 cosplay that could have been the best thing ever? Yeah. Turns it out it's the best thing ever.

Here's Holly Conrad, Tayler Hudson, Tank, Jessica Merizan, Alex Gross and Steph Werner up on stage at Comic-Con last week, absolutely dominating proceedings. Grunt may steal the show from a technical standpoint, but that Illusive Man was spot-on.

The team walked away with a swag of awards for their efforts, and rightly so, but the real highlight comes if you stick around to the 2:15 mark.


    I've never really been a big fan of cosplay... but that was freaking awesome. Fantastic ending, and Grunt just blew my mind.

    I... am... KROGAN!!!

    That was seriously cool!
    I totally went for the punch aswell in my Playthrough - not ONCE did I regret it either!

    Watching this and hearing the score from the game in the background made me realise just HOW EPIC Mass Effect 2 really is. I cannot freaking wait for Mass Effect 3 now. Way to go guys for putting together something really awesome that now makes me want ME3 even MORE! Uh!

    Perhaps the funniest thing is the way they all unnaturally shift from left foot to right foot, back and forth while speaking... just like in the games. And the way they flail their arms about and make constant, overexaggerated guestures... JUST like in the games.

    Whether this was intentional or not, it was awesome.

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