Images From A New Helicopter Combat Game

The prevalence of helicopters in Call of Duty: Black Ops could lead to uncontrollable cravings for a game that features only helicopters. Enter Apache: Air Assault from Gaijin Games, due out this spring for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Where have all the helicopter games gone? Sure we're going to get a taste in Black Ops, but that's not nearly enough. Luckily for us, Activision Publishing is bringing us Apache: Air Assault, guaranteed to be the best helicopter combat simulation game on current-generation consoles.

"No games on next-gen consoles have been dedicated to helicopter combat simulation, but that is about to change this fall", said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. "Apache: Air Assault offers fun for diehard military enthusiasts and flight sim fans as well as gamers who just want to blow stuff up."

I just want to blow stuff up, with a helicopter. Sold!

For those of you requiring a bit more detail, the game features 16 multi-tiered missions that will take players from the African coast to the Middle East to Central America, all mapped out realistically using satellite imagery. The player will fly multiple variations of the Apache helicopter, each with its own weapon load out, damage modelling, likes and dislikes.

And it's got game modes too! There's an arcade mode for players like me, or and realistic mode that goes deep with realistic controls that don't sound very conducive to just blowing things up. It's got online multiplayer combat, and even a co-op mode where two players team up inside the same helicopter. What more do you want?

Of course it remains to be seen it the game is any good, but even if it's the worst dedicated helicopter combat game in the history of dedicated helicopter combat games, it'll still be the best on current-gen consoles, and you can't take that away from the PR department.


    Looks/sounds a bit like Ace Combat with helicopters. Which isn't a bad thing.

    Gaijin Games? Really?
    That seems like an odd leap from the Bit.Trip series...

      I think you might mean Gaijin Entertainment.

    How realistic can you get with a console controller? >_>

      I'm actually working on a helicopter simulation with a 360 controller now, and it handles quite well. It's not that hard to get nice, smooth movement from a console controller.

    If only Win 7 supported my Sidewinder 2 FF stick, I'd be all over DCS: Black Shark for my helicopter sim needs.

    desert strike, jungle strike anyone?
    i love those games

    If those screenshots are any indication it looks very open.
    I know it is the sky but flying through canyons and buildings is half the fun.

    For some reason this really makes me want a BFBC2 Onslaught mode where the attackers can only use Helicopters.

    I just hope they give the mutliplayer lasting appeal. HAWX was sweet but online was just co-op campaign and deathmatch so it got old fast. Maybe if they go the L4D route and make the multiplayer teams play differently.
    Like the defending team controls a bases ground mounted anti-air defenses. Throw in a lot more objective driven modes.

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