Imagine What The People Next To You On The Bus Will Think

The latest clip of the PSP's God of War Ghost of Sparta shows protagonist Kratos at his meanest and reminds me that playing a portable God of War leaves you open to some weird looks from people near you.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Comic-Con Panel, New "Midas" Video [PlayStation blog]


    Haha... that was awesome!

    Love how they put in the hand prints on the ground!

    I cant play GOW when I'm on the train 'cause my tourrets comes out. And I can swear up a storm.

    I see Sony is keeping the fine tradition of rereleasing GOW2 with some new textures alive.

    Man, I wish they'd release the GoW PSP games as downloadable PSN games. I know it'd probably stunt hardware sales, but damn, they look good.

      See if you can find a few more PSP games you're interested in and pick up a used PSP from ebay, its how I did it and enjoyed the hell out of it

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