In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night

So, what do you think of Ryan Reynolds as your Green Lantern, fancy computer generated super suit and all? This is the place to discuss it, gang, a post that's not just about video games.

EW has the first pics of DC's big screen adaptation and, hoo boy, it really makes me appreciate the way Odin and Loki look in Marvel's Thor movie. Perhaps seeing it in CGI-coated action will turn things around.

In better movie news, I finally watched Moon last night on Netflix. It's streaming and highly recommended. Got any streaming Netflix recommendations for the group?

Would you care for some recommendations about what to read, watch and learn about on the internet? We got some of those.


    That suit just doesn't look right too me. I mean the design doesn't seem right for Hal Jordan, but beyond that it looks like they did a bad job on the photo itself.

    looks great is there any comic character Ryan Reynolds cant play he was great as Wilson wade aka dead pool cant wait to see it

    i know i was typing to fast some times i do that when type to fast wade wilson

    When I first laid eyes on this this morning I thought it was a monumental screw up.

    But then, as I've seen it around the place today it has grown on me, and has the potential (I think) to look great in action. The mask however, is a touch off for me though.

    At least it doesn't have the cheesy plastic look of the thor costumes....

      Concur about the mask. It looks weird.

    also he played Hannibal king

    So, if its a CGI suit, did he have to paint his naked body fluro green for filming?

    Anyone else thing that looks a bit like the nano suit in Crysis or am I crazy?

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