In The Future, The PlayStation Will Be A Little More Developer Friendly

The people who make the PlayStation have received their share of flak for creating systems that were tougher to make games for than their competitors. That's something PlayStation big boss Kaz Hirai wants to change.

So says Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida, the man charged with guiding Sony's internal PlayStation games development. Yoshida tells Develop that unannounced "future platform[s] " are being created with developer feedback. That's a good thing.

"When ['Father of the PlayStation']Ken Kutaragi moved on and Kaz [Hirai]became the president of SCE, the first thing Kaz said was, ‘get World Wide Studios in on hardware development'," Yoshida said. "So he wanted developers in meetings at the very beginning of concepting new hardware, and he demanded SCE people talk to us."

With the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 now on more equal footing than when the former console launched - even chronic PlayStation disser Gabe Newell is now on board with Sony's box - things are really looking up for the PlayStation of the future. When do we get it? And can it still be backwards compatible, please?

Sony: Devs to help build the next PlayStation [Develop]


    There only realising this now?

      This isn't Sony's fault. Who could have predicted that developers would want easy hardware to work with;)

    Bring on PS4!

    But what about the ten year plan? If its easy to develop for they'll have nothing to do for the next nine years. =P

    Also, didn't they invest a heap in making it this way specifically so they wouldn't have to change later on? Ie, from the developers point of view making a PS3 and PS4 game should be basically the same thing, they've just got more resources.
    I can't say I would have made the sacrifices to usebility they did but the overall plan is solid and its a little late to be backing down.

      "If its easy to develop for they’ll have nothing to do for the next nine years. =P" So basically your saying we should have to put up with dodgy ports or longer development time so that it can be sorted out over the life of the console? I completely disagree. The system programming should be accessible so that the majority developers can get the most out of the console so we don't wind up with shady ports (orangebox, bayonetta etc.) This means dev's take longer tinkering and were left twiddling our thumbs.

      It's only now (4 years later) that big dev's (no pun intended) like Gabe Newell are coming on side with sony because they're hiring specialist's in ps3 coding. I do like to see the games progress visually as each year they get prettier and prettier, but it shouldnt be at the sacrafice of texture blipping and framerate issues. Not saying its all games but it's like almost 40%. The 360 can do it and it can be done on the wii (see monster hunter tri). All the dev's blame the ps3 hardware and guess what there the ones that make the game's not sony, except for GT5....and it's been how long now?

        The article I linked to contained Kaz a few years back saying that being hard to develop for was a great thing they totally meant to do (about halfway down). It was clearly nothing more than an attempt to down play the complaints that the PS3 was hard to work with so naturally everybody just laughed it off.

        I just find it funny when they try and list things like this as selling points, then a year later they've completely flipped around on the issue and act like they're completely ahead of the curve. "Wii motion control is nothing but a gimmick and we don't consider outselves in competition with the Wii... Move is the future of gaming!" That sort of stuff.

    sony sux at software, ms sux at hardware. why does everyone but these 2 companies know this?


    Doh... I was hopping for PS4 to use Cell 16 core so that it can backward compatible with PS3 without additional chip or emulation.

    The PS4 will be 100% backwards compatible with the PS3, if you but the extra expensive release version. But don't worry in the interests of fairness that will eventually be patched out.

    PSX vs Saturn
    Sony: The Saturn is hard to program for so it sucks.

    PS2 vs Dreamcast, Game Cube, X-Box.
    Sony: The PS2 may be the hardest console to program for, but we expect developers to rise to the challenge.

    PS3 vs X-Box 360, but not the Wii.
    Sony: The Playstation 3 is the greatest machine on earth if developers can't program it, they suck. Motion Control is a gimmick nobody will want that in a year or two.

    PS3 vs X-Box 360 with Kinect and the Wii.
    Sony: The Move is the future of gaming, by working with Developers we will make a machine that can be programmed for with ease.

    If the developers can spend more time designing the game and less time coding we're only going to get better games. Sure the easier the coding the more shovelware we get, but the gems will be truly polished.

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