In The Future There Are Only Incredible Case Mods

At first glance, I thought this was a statue. Maybe, if I was lucky, some constructive Warhammer 40K cosplay. Turns out, no, it's something even better: a bipedal PC case mod.

Yes, inside the belly of this Dreadnought is not the mind of a fallen hero, but a personal computer. Which, yes, is useful, but Lord knows how anyone gets any gaming/work done with this thing around, since it's not only quite tall (for a computer), but it lights up , has a spinning chain gun and even speaks.

[hardh20, via technabob]


    Holy shit. That thing is freaking epic!
    Pity about the Imperial Fists paintjob, though.

    One word: AWESOME.

    Though it's not very practical, I mean, try bringing that to a LAN! I'm sure it'd be quite heavy :|

    On a sidenote, why on earth did he choose Battlefield music for the video? :S

      If only it was a working Dreadnought... then you wouldn't bring it to a LAN, it would bring you.

    *twitch*...i think i just nerdgasmed so hard that i broke my spine.. *twitch*...

    Boo for imperial fists, huzzah for epic case modding!

    I'm with the Dark Angels idea - not my favorite chapter, but badass color scheme.

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