inFamous 2′s New Look Makes An About Face

Remember when Cole McGrath debuted his new look on the Game Informer's cover? Never mind! Designers heard the chorus of mehs - many comparing McGrath to Starkiller from Star Wars: STFU - and are going back to the drawing board.

At a San Diego Comic-Con panel, the Infamous 2 studio, Sucker Punch, acknowledged that fans' antipathy for McGrath's sleek, utilitarian style and will remake him more in the way he looked in the first inFamous last year.

Sucker Punch provided no images of the new (or old) Cole but it's interesting to note that the studio told Game Informer that the old-new look was changing because Cole was moving to a new-new setting and fans also had a meh reaction to his old-old look. And now my brain hurts.

Sucker Punch Scraps Infamous 2's Cole MacGrath [Game Informer]


    Good to know. You can't really go from gruff to sleek in one leap without people raising eyebrows.

    Unlike a lot of people I thought the design of Cole’s character in the first game was well done. People complained about his gravelly voice, but I thought that suited him. His voice has character. People also said they just didn’t find Cole memorable. Granted, he doesn’t have the most electric personality ever. But I think it’s the transformation you really remember, Cole isn’t too interesting to begin with, but at the end of the game that’s a different story.

    I don’t really like the new design of Cole, he looks like he’s suddenly 20 years younger. At least try to make him looks slightly intimidating. And not like a metrosexual kings cross street walker.

      Damn, I forgot to put the word “electric” in italics. Now people won’t see what I did there.

        I did see what you did there.

        I saw what you did there, and groaned.

        I also agree on all points.

    Now all we need is for Bioware to change back the art style for Dragon Age 2 and we'll be set.

    Big bushy beard!

      But the static would make it frizzy :O

    Personally I liked the new-look Cole, it's a big change from inFamous 1, sure, but I liked it. If they're reinventing him with a new voice actor anyway, why not go the whole way?

    I'm crossing my fingers that they'll have a skin available of NewCole in the game when it releases anyways.

    How does "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed" abbreviate to "Star Wars: STFU"?

    Well, that's just great... why don't they change it back to Empire City as well then...

    Fans don't KNOW what they want, they think they do, but they don't. People are adverse to change, even if that change might end up being better for it.

    If I recall correctly, people weren't exactly excited for the first Cole either. Fan feedback was the REASON that brought about new Cole.

    But you know what, by the end of the first game, it didn't matter what he looked like, it just mattered what he went through, and that defined the character.

    And now that they see *new* Cole looks different, they presume all that history goes away, even before they given the game a chance to impress them.

    All I know is, changing things back to Old Cole won't make him the same guy, as they've already recorded all of Cole's lines with the new VA. But who knows, maybe fan backlash can change that too.

    I'm personally a little disappointed in Sucker Punch, for not sticking with their guns. You are the ones who made this game, not the fans, don't presume they know what's best for your game.


      "Fans are clinging complaining dips***s who will never ever be happy with absolutely any concession you make. The moment you shut out their shrill tremulous voices the happier you'll be"

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