Is Final Fantasy XIII On The Xbox 360 Getting A Japan Release?

The big, breaking news of the 2008 E3 gaming expo was that role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII was coming to the Xbox 360. The game had been previously thought to be a PS3 exclusive.

The game got an Xbox 360 release everywhere except Japan. In The Land of the Rising Sun, Final Fantasy XIII was a PS3 exclusive. Sony even released a special PS3 bundle for FFXIII.

However, in summer 2008, Xbox Taiwan said the game would be getting an "Asian Version", providing hope to Japanese Xbox 360 owners who wanted to at least play the game on their Microsoft machine. Microsoft later clarified its own clarification, and an Asian Version was not released.

A list of Xbox 360 Achievements for Final Fantasy XIII has appeared on the Xbox LIVE site. There are 35 Achievements, all localised into Japanese.

The number of Achievements for this apparent Japanese version seems to be significantly less than the number for the Western version.

Kotaku is following up with Xbox Japan.

ファイナルファンタジーXIII 実績が日本語化 [XNEWS]


    Japan waiting for a release of a Final Fantasy game that the west got a long time ago!?

    Did I just wake up in Bizzaro world or something?

    doesn't look like that way on the jap website.

    I'm sure all 10 Japanese Xbox owners have been holding their breath.

      Probably died of oxygen asphyxiation already, leaving the numbers to zero.

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