Is This inFamous 2's Cole? Sure Looks Like It

Cole MacGrath, hero of inFamous and bike messenger, wasn't the best-looking game character in the world. His redesign for the sequel was even worse though, so it's good to see developers Sucker Punch reverting to something a little more familiar.

While we already knew this about-face had been made by the team, a developer diary posted on the PlayStation seems to show us our first look at the new/old Cole, looking far more like his old self (and a Mr David "Golden Balls" Beckham") than the awful glo-stick waving design we saw earlier in the year.

Nothing else about the game has changed. It's still a PS3 exclusive, it's still set in New Orleans New Marais, and it's still due out in 2011.

[via VG247]


    I think it would be cool if they added the old new Cole that they've gotten rid of as an unlockable skin you can use in the game.

      Agreed. It'd be a nice bonus. Im picking up a ps3 in a few weeks, along with a new 360 (thank you tax time!) and inFamous is top of the list along with LBP!

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Sucker Punch is a first party game dev for sony?

      They are not owned by Sony, so they are a 3rd party developer. But don’t expect to see their games on the 360 anytime soon. The PS3 is dropping exclusives left and right. I’m willing to bet they will pay quite a pretty penny to keep this game on the PS3.

      Sucker Punch is an independent studio, so they're free to develop games on any system they wish. However, since their first game - Rocket: Robot on Wheels on the N64 - they've worked exclusively with Sony on Sly Cooper and inFamous. I'm sure Sony owns both those IPs, so Sucker Punch would not be able to make an inFamous (or a Sly) game for another platform.

    So the Boy Nobody Wanted, is now back because the new one was wanted even less?

    Given the climate of the new setting, the lighter weight clothing from the new character design seemed to make sense.

    Hopefully they'll keep that or use some variation on it. The outfit from the first game would look out of place.

    Does look a shitload like Beckham. But still looks a lot more like Cole then that metro abomination in the E3 videos. Gotta love living in an age where game developers can hear the cries of their fans so clearly. Props to Sucker Punch for sorting this one out.

    Wow, I can just imagine the design meeting

    “how can we make this guy look even more like an insufferable douchebag?”

    “I know!!! The only thing he will wear above the waist is a popped collar”

    I wonder how many people didn't mind Cole's look and sound from the first game cuz I didn't, thought it suited him perfectly. I remember reading reviews saying his look and sound didn't match up with who he was. As soon as his new look came, those critics went seemingly silent. Guess it takes a new low to make people realise some things ain't so bad.

    I quite liked the new design- the old one seemed to be always scowling. I mean dude seriously- you have awesome superhero electric powers- lighten up and enjoy them!

      How do you expect Cole to lighten up and have fun?? He lost everything he cared about... twice!!

      i for one am glad he is looking more like his old self. I hated the new design.

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