Is This The PlayStation 3 Game With The Most Trophies?

Three Platinum PlayStation 3 Trophies on one disc? And that's not at all?

This November's Sly Collection contains three full PlayStation 2 Sly Cooper games on one PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray disc. Plus it will include PlayStation Move mini-games. A Sony producer who showed Kotaku the collection this week said that each of the Sly games will have a full set of Trophies - you know, the Achievement-like rewards a player gets for completing a developer-decided requirement . Each of the three collected Sly games will offer its own Platinum Trophy.

The Move mini-games in the Sly Collection will also have Trophies, the equivalent of the amount in a downloadable PlayStation Network game, according to Sony.

There's no word on how tough these Trophies will be to claim, but if you want to buy your way into getting the most Trophies for your dollar, Sly Collection appears to be the best deal of the new releases for the spring.


    until the ratchet and clank collection comes

    i think it will be mission based, maybe loot items and those message in the bottle collections :|

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