It's Better To Deathspank With A Friend

Why could be more lovely than an afternoon spent frolicking with unicorns in the wilderness with Deathspank and his best pal Sparkles?

Ron Gilbert's latest and potentially greatest is coming out this month for Xbox Love Arcade and the PlayStation Network, and Hothead Games is celebrating the impending release with a brief look at the cooperative multiplayer aspect of the Monkey Island meets Diablo action RPG.

The good news? Another player can drop in at any time, sharing Deathspank's life bar as the two get viciously mauled by beautiful horse creatures.

The bad news? You're a purple wizard named Sparkles. I suppose you can't win them all.

Deathspank comes out on July 13 on PSN and July 14 on Xbox Live.


    really looking forward to this... love this style of game :D

    Lol! "Xbox Love Arcade" Sounds disturbing, actually... >.>

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