It's Dangerous To Go Alone... Take These Condoms

Ben Marsh's Play Condoms packaging, which aims to "create a desire to purchase the product for aesthetic reasons, rather than the necessity of condoms", promoting safe sex. Make sure to read the NSFW instruction manual. Seen via TinyCartridge.


    haha i love it - i want some!! I have no use for the damn things, but i want some!

      same, lol.


    I love the one in the back titled DONG, and Sextris.

    Super Mario Bros might seem a little gay....
    Like the Donkey Shlong and the TIT-tres one too

    "Dong" hehe... I'm 7 again.

    I feel I should launch into a satifical tirade about the seualisation of children, bit the novelty is too overwhelming to mess with. Here's hoping they make it to our shores.

    theres a zelda one there but i can't quite see it... what does it say?

      That was bugging me too. If you follow the link you can see better pictures.

      The full list is:
      -Bone Zone 2
      -Super Mario Land of Love
      -The Long End of Zelda
      -Donkey Shlong

    Is there any way at all to purchase these?! I definitely would! haha

    Brilliant! What a way to bring a laugh and a smile to that awkward moment whilst you get condom - I love ideas like this. Anything to promote the use of condoms is great :)

    Seems like cracker packets... Condoms with bombs. ha ha...

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