It's Like Galaga, But You Can Shoot Down From Above

Another arcade shoot-em-up on the Xbox 360? This one lets you warp your Galaga-style spaceship from the bottom of the screen (shooting up) to the top (shooting down). Crossfire is in the Xbox Live Indie Games channel for $US3.

I'd write you folks some impressions, but I only played it briefly last night. Good first impression but nothing you can't figure out from the video. Try the free demo version at least.


    Boy, Kotaku Austrailia. Thanks for telling us about another video game we don't even get here in Australia.

    Add some insane colours in the back ground and its another Beat hazard :D

    soo many mini games :D so little times..

    Cerzel, I suggest you make an xbox live American Locale account, its easy and so worth it. I import my XBox MSP for Indie games and other games not released here, and play them on my Australian Account. It's definitely worth the time.

      Yes I did the same and I get all the indie games I want.
      There are more and more arcade games NOT being released here in Australia.
      - Raystorm
      - Blacklight Tango Down
      - Qix
      These are just a couple that come to mind besides all the indie games.

      I have called Microsoft about this and in the past they eventually released the absent games, so it looks like I will need to call Microsoft again with Blacklight Tango Down missing this week.

      I suggest everyone does the same.

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