It's Like Pilotwings, But For The Xbox 360

You know what the Xbox 360 needs? More homages to classic Nintendo titles.

Yeah, there's Banjo Kazooie, but... look, it has a fanbase, but I wouldn't call it classic. Not classic like Pilotwings, which is what Haiku Interactive's AvaGlide basically is, only on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.

For a game that's only 80 MSP (USD$1), it looks pretty damn good. You control your avatar through four different game modes across four different levels, including free flight, ring rush (flying through rings) and delivery dash, which involves dropping stuff onto targets on the ground.

If that last part is anything like the gliding sections in Super Monkey Ball, that's my $US1 right there. It should be out "in the next few weeks", according to 4 colour Rebellion.

Kotaku AU Note: Hey, Microsoft, if you're reading this, please launch the Xbox Live Indie Games channel in Australia. Thanks for listening. (Sigh...)

XBLIG Showcase – AvaGlide [4CR]


    Any chance that Microsoft will magically release Indie Games in Australia along with the new Destination Arcade? huh? ah.. prob not hey :(

    I haven't read much on it lately. Is it still not available here because of classification problems?

      Microsoft hasn't confirmed, but yes I do believe it's a classification issue. See

        I've had this confirmed by a Microsoft employee previously. Every game on the Indie Channel would have to be classified, or it wouldn't be released here.

          This is exactly the issue, I have interpreted this just from reading the legislation etc. Technically we shouldn't have access to iPhone games and whatnot--such is the unworkability of the Australian classification system.

          The alternative is to rate the channel as G, PG or M and force all the indie creators to abide by that... not gonna happen.

            Rate the whole lot MA15+, anything over that would be rare, if not against Microsoft's rules anyway.
            Isn't there a new classification payment scheme on the cards anyway?

    Three words. Blast Corps sequel. The game was practically built for global leaderboards and DLC expansion packs. You can even throw the avatar in as the pilot. The game is simple enough Rare could probably just modify the Nuts and Bolts engine and have the thing out by Christmas.

    It could be a nice little money maker reboot on XBLA or full sequel with a retail release.

      You just totally blew my mind! I freakin' loved Blast Corps!! I know it was made by Rare, so does that mean they own the IP? Or does Nintendo have some rights to it I wonder??

      Would love to see a HD remake of the original game on XBLA!

        As far as I can figure out Nintendo don't own anything to do with Blast Corps, they just published it (like they did with Perfect Dark, Conker, Banjo Kazooie and the rest). There's only a handful of games they can't touch like Donkey Kong Country and Star Fox.

        I'd also love to see Jet Force Gemini and Battletoads games up on XBLA, but Blast Corps is my first choice. The game is just so right for it. Even the achievement system suits Blast Corps perfectly.

    the indie games on XBLA is full of little gems like this... so annoyed we don't have it in AUS :(

    Is it even popular in America or WHEREVER it is available. A service like this should be reeaeeeaaaalaleeleelallly popular!
    Like, iTunes App Store popular.

    Cheap but quality aswell.

    Something that MS should really focus on marketing to appeal to families and kids cause it is cheap to play and buy the games. An Indie Service should appeal to anyone and is something that SHOULD fly the 360s off the shelves.

    It sucks that a lot of companies have major flaws especially in marketing certain products. For MS its things like Zune and this that could hurt vital sales.

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