It's Like The Fly, Only It Turns You Into A Game Character

Hey, remember Gary, the 8-Bit man (well, woman)? Gary was made for a commercial, and this is that commercial. It's a retro gamer's fantasy come to life.

It should also serve as the inspiration for the greatest remake of The Fly the world has ever seen. I do have one gripe (just one!): the machine is called the 8-Bitinator 2000, but Gary looks a lot more 16-bit to me. Like an extra from Zombies Ate My Neighbours or something.

[via Gizmodo]


    hahaha this has just made me proud to own a toshiba laptop... even if it is a hunk of junk at times... but still, 3.5 years without a major problem or a single format, that's gotta say somehting for it! :P

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