It's Like Where's Waldo, Only, With Team Fortress 2

A few weeks back, the biggest "Furry" convention in the world went down in Pittsburgh. Here's a group shot of some attendees, which we show you not because we've gone furry, but because there's a spy in their midst.

Take a look. Think of it as a Team Fortress-themed game of Where's Waldo, his dorky specs and hat replaced with a knife and dodgy French accent.

I'd give you a hint as to where he is, but that would make it easy. And if I had to scour hundreds of furries to find the damn guy, you have to look too.

[thanks A!]


    is that him next to the dog in the red hat?

    Surprisingly easy to find, actually.

    Also, Master Chief kitty??

    Found the spy, and as well as Master Chief, a horse, Saber with kitty ears and a Tie Fighter pilot(?). So do I win a prize?

    So, just to clarify... there was a furry convention, and it wasn't napalmed?

    What the hell do people pay their taxes for?

    Wow, I really need to control my obsessiveness - that search nearly fried my brain. These "people" look, in the words of Dr Evil, ri-god-damn-diculous; do they ever sit back and look at themselves? Ever?

    somone please tell me where the mofo is XD i really wanna find hum but cbf :P

    da master chief? lol?

    He's to the left of Chopper from One Piece

    serious: found a Ninja and Sonic the hedgehog long before I found the furry spy :)

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