It's Lunchtime! Let's Make A Sandvich!

Technically not a recipe, this is more like cosplay for lunch. And it still doesn't solve the mystery of what "meat" is actually on Heavy's health-regenerating treat. But I do like the attention to detail, especially the cheese overhang.

Alright, who wants to make Jarate?

Making the Sandvich [xTReeTooNx on YouTube, thanks reader Andreas L.]


    Who wants to make Jarate? Well I guess they need something to wash down the Sandvich with...

    i'm a little hungry now.

    i thought it was just ham (radioactive maybe)

    cus the heavy says "don't run, its just ham!"

      Cant be. He says 'Beeeelloni is the perfect meat for killing little cowards!' Maybe a super meat? Combined?

    I can't believe I just watched that.

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