Japan Sure Loves That Nintendo DS, Keeps Buying It

While the PSP may sit atop this week's list of bestselling hardware in Japan, it's still the Nintendo DS that Japanese gamers love more than anything else.

Cheaper versions of the Nintendo DSi LL, DSi and DS Lite walk away with the biggest share of the pie this week, sales likely spurred by the latest Inazuma Eleven game and that new/old Fire Emblem release. The battle between the Wii and PlayStation 3 sees a wider gap this week, with Nintendo pulling ahead, likely from still strong Wii Party sales.

While the PSPgo dips back into triple digit sales, the Xbox 360 seems to be selling better and more consistently than it had before the release of Monster Hunter Online. Wonder why...

  • PSP - 28,747
  • Nintendo DSi LL - 24,189
  • Wii - 21,092
  • PlayStation 3 - 19,420
  • Nintendo DSi - 18,202
  • Xbox 360 - 6,056
  • Nintendo DS Lite - 5,059
  • PlayStation 2 - 1,475
  • PSP go - 831


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