Jose Gonzalez Records Acoustic Performance At Rockstar

Jose Gonzalez recently dropped in to Rockstar Games' New York offices to record an acoustic version of his song "Far Away", featured on the Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack. On their roof no less! The song can be heard in-game during John Marston's ride to Mexico on horseback.

[Thanks sander]


    one of the most awesome artists of the current crop!! awesome song, so great live! pity the audio and vidoe get slightly outta sync at the end :/ thanks for posting it up!!

    That ride to Mexico with Jose Gonzales playing was the first real "HOLY SH*T THIS GAME IS AMAZEBALLS" moment I've had for a long time.
    Admittedly the moment was slightly enhanced by a certain herbaceous plant a friend of mine gave me.

    Disappointed I missed this moment ingame, because I called my own horse instead of using the supplied one.

    Yeah, this was the first gaming moment to give me genuine chills since visiting a certain Alaskan facility in MGS4. Rockstar were really on their game with this one.

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