Just Don't Get Kicked Out Of The Circle In NHL 11

There's plenty you can do on a faceoff other than spam the controls and look like a fool. NHL 11 wants to give you more options this year, as shown in new screenshots released today.

As we saw in a video yesterday, you'll be able to tie up your opponent and kick it back, tie him up and let the wingers take it, deke or even shoot off the draw. So that's what Ottawa's Mike Fischer and Toronto's Tyler Bozak are demonstrating above.

The new hip-checking animations (and attendant physics) are showcased, along with the usual he-shoots-he-scores stuff, in two other screenshots EA Sports released today.


    Excellent, with this series I always skip a year so I am not getting small upgrades every time. It is always good to smacktalk a mate when you put on a big hit in these games, so the upgraded animations look promising for good times ahead.

    Now I just wish they would improve the fighting, ages ago I wished that they would go first person which they did in 2010, but the fights are over to quick and are just a button mash fest. It would be awesome to really slug it out!

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