K-Mart Puts Your Reviews Where They Matter Most, On Store Shelves

Want to have massive influence over the powers of marketing and publishing that back the world's biggest video games? Then you might want to try writing a game review for K-Mart in the US.

The big-box retailer said that starting this week they will start sifting through user-created reviews on MyKmart.com to select snippets of gamer-written reviews on their store shelves directly under the game in question.

Now companies are going to have to spend millions to woo not just reviewers at massive game sites, but you, the public.

All gentle-elbowing aside, I love the idea of reader reviews having such a meaningful and deep impact, but the ability for abuse is astronomical.

Never mind that K-Mart is probably a bit more interested in putting up a review that helps them sell a game than they are in putting up a review that makes shoppers think, or discover something they didn't know. What about the notion of publishers and developers writing those user submitted reviews themselves, flooding the channel in hopes that one of their snippets is picked over the other?

News of K-Mart's interesting approach comes with this intriguing paragraph:

One thing to note: We'd like to feature your reviews on our shelves, but at this time, we will not be sending out free games for you to review.

Wait! They might pay their reviewers down the line with free games? Crazy.

Video game reviews: Get YOUR MyKmart review featured on store shelves! [K-Mart, thanks Sweet Music]


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