Kerrigan Returns To Finish The Job In StarCraft II: Ghosts Of The Past

The final unlock from Blizzard's Join the Dominion StarCraft II website is this amazing trailer, furthering our belief that Blizzard should stop making games and start making movies.


    holy shit.... agreed, they should be making movies.

    THAT was awesome!

    When I watched that I was expecting it to say "Starcraft II - Wings of Liberty - The Movie". I completely agree, an animated movie at least would be awesome and completely doable for them, especially since they have the funds and the IP to do it. I hope someday that they do, and that day will be totally awesome.

    Ok, I don't normally jump on announcement hype bandwagons, but...


    pretty awesome CGI... but as a movie? how many overwrought cliches can you stomach?

      Yeah, it looked ridiculously awesome and I'm sure in-game it'll be brilliant, but if it were a movie I'd be rolling my eyes at that trailer.

      Still, I'd be nice to see them take a crack at making movies from other games. With talent like this their animation department could make good use of pretty much any sci-fi IP.

    How dare Mike suggest Blizzard stop making games?

    They should do both, utilising the skills of their cinematic department and writers during their down time, letting the rest of the world experience the beauty Blizzard cinematics inject into games.

    I'm gonna miss out on this game, don't know when I'll have the does for an upgrade. :'(

    That gave me goosebumps watching that.


    that was.... awesome.... *whimper*

    whats even more amazing is the fact that half of that trailer was ingame cinematics mixed with pre rendered CGI

    They definitely should stop making games.

    I hope Kerrigan gets to personally decapitate Mengsk at the end of the game.

    too bad the gameplay is nothing like this. whats the point in playing an RTS if its just for the cutscenes.

      But with the map editor, you could make a 3rd Person shooter. Let's wait and see

      These cutscenes only deal with the single player campaign. Aka the story which we left at the end of Brood War 13 years ago, plenty will be looking forward to the story continuing.

      As for what's the point? there are thousands of people and communities out there who have played BW competitively for the past decade. We dont' care about the in-game graphics (which does look good). The campaign is just gravy.

    Holy crap. This actually kinda makes me want the game.

    If they make movies it'll take at least 4 times as long as they make advent children knowing their record of making stuff..

    other than that thought, yeah. Do it blizzard!!!

    I basically dropped out of high school playing starcraft. I'm so happy right now I could Cry.

    Ok, that's it, I'm calling in sick and camping outside my gamestore.....

    SWEET... mother of mercy.

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