Kinect Could Make Carjackings, Stabbings, Execution-Style Kills This Immersive

Rockstar Games wasn't shy about utilising the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as a killing tool in Manhunt 2, but will they follow suit and support Kinect for the Xbox 360? Could Grand Theft Auto V turn millions into sadistic mimes?

Explore the vicious possibilities in this humorous look at how the next Grand Theft Auto could be played on Microsoft's new motion controller. LaughPong on YouTube explores the throat-slashing, cop-killing and reckless driving opportunities - how delightfully fun it all looks - in this potentially not safe for work* parody.

(*Lots of sailor talk, so watch carefully.)


    DO WANT!!! DO WANT!!!

    Actually, can you imagine the absolute storm of controvery Fox would start if they see this??? LOL

    haha that great - imagine the controversy when people start playing local multiplayer and actually have to shank each other... :s

    Dream on, the Wii was flooded with fan imaginations of motion controls but ended with absolutely nothing like them 3 years later.

    This is will stop at waggle.

    This could have been hilarious, sadly its not.

    Some faster editing between the onscreen slaughter and the players would have been great and the painfully cheery music from the actual kinect ads would have been great.

    Lose the two terrible chicks and slap in a typical family and it would have been great.

    You know what these guys do really well? They have the exact same mannerisms and expression that all the people in the kinect ads have. That is, they are having the absolute greatest time of their lives. Seriously, why are the people in the ads so happy?

    Yay! Someone I know got on Kotaku! (The freakishly tall one). I had some laughs, although I do agree it would have been better with the Kinect music and a family in the background.

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