Kinect Looks Like This In A Japanese Living Room

There has been concern that the Microsoft's motion controller Kinect could require a significant amount of space - more space than the average Japanese living room has. Microsoft, however, has refuted these claims.

"We know that living rooms come in all shapes and sizes," Microsoft told Kotaku back in March, "and have conducted numerous play tests to ensure everyone will be able to jump off the couch and into the fun."

Still, all the "life style" promotional photos Microsoft has shown of Kinect (or when it was code-named Project Natal) depict enormous American living rooms. At a Microsoft press event today in Tokyo, the company gave a peak at the life style promotional photos for Kinect.

They look like the American ones! But with a smaller living room. Those are the breaks when you live in Japan.

Here is Xbox Japan Takashi Sensui showing off Kinect. Those are the breaks when you're the head of Xbox Japan.

As previously posted, Microsoft also stated at today's event that the name of the company will change its name to "Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd." next February.

マイクロソフト、新年度経営方針記者会見を開催 [Game Watch]


    Look at them leaning back trying to fit on the screen properly.

    Every Japanese living room I've ever been in has had more than enough space for this. The thing is, they have furniture that folds up or can be put away, leaving plenty of room. People who live in, say, 1-room apartments own futons that fold up and get put in the closet, small lightweight tables that can easily be moved, etc...

    Western homes are full of heavy overly large furniture that are an extravagance. I remember coming from from Japan and being disgusted at how pointlessly large my house was for the amount of people living in it. I could've been equally comfortable in a house half the size, but nowadays everybody expects giant McMansions (on crappy little blocks in stupid designer estates, no less).

    Tune in in January to see what Kinect looks like gathering dust in the back of a Japanese closet.

    I live in a one bedroom, inner city apartment just outside of Tokyo. My bedroom/living room/everything-that-isn't-a-kitchen-or-bathroom room is about the size of the average Australian bathroom. I could play with a Kinect in there just fine.

    I'm still not getting one, but I could. People are bitching over nothing.

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