Kinect Pricing Reveal Is Imminent, According To Trendy Social Media Channels

Instead of just coughing up an RRP for Kinect, Microsoft's doing the announcement-of-an-announcement thing. But you can join up a Facebook page or text an SMS code to make sure you get immediate notification the sucker's $US149. Or whatever.

Microsoft's threatening to reveal the price of the new utility soon, but of course wants people to go like a Facebook page without singing in the shower for it.

Or you can just keep reading Kotaku because for sure when this news comes out, we'll have it, if not half-an-hour before.


    I would love to see how many people signed up for the Kinect SMS Alerts. Who is desperate enough for Kinect info that they need it SMSed to them right away but disciplined enough that they'll wait to hear it from official sources only?

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