Kinect's Simple, Purple Box Art

Some Xbox marketing material we got hold of over the weekend shows the box art for the Xbox 360's upcoming motion-sensing camera, Kinect.

It's no game, sure, but box art is both an art and for some a fetish (especially with novel stuff like this), so here it is (along with that for the Xbox 360 S + Kinect bundle). It's simple and clean, which should be effective, but the more I see it, the more I don't like that awful purple Microsoft has gone with to brand Kinect accessories and software.

Makes the marketing look more like something for a cleaning product than a sophisticated piece of consumer electronics.


    "Makes the marketing look more like something for a cleaning product than a sophisticated piece of consumer electronics."

    Agreed. Either that or some sort of personal hygene product. Even the "Kinect" font. It's just really bad. Good thing the Kinect itself looks so nice.

    Cadbury might have something to say about that Purple... I sense a lawsuit coming....

      LOL, I hope that was sarcastic.
        Hey, they have tried before!

    And it matters if it looks like a cleaning product?

    I dont think people go to JB HiFi, Eb Games, Game, GameTraders, Dick Smith, Harvey Norman (just to name a few) to buy cleaning products.

    NOR do I think they go to the electronic department in stores like Myer, David Jones, Kmart, Target or Big W to look for cleaning products. Something like this I don't see affecting the confusion between the two. Marketing for something like the Kinect relies more on TV, Radio and catalogues/magazines rather than the box that will be displayed in stores. With gaming consoles, consumers usually have an idea that they are going to the store to purchase one.

    Then I scrolled up and realised this article was written by Luke and what I wrote feels even though it makes a very valid point.

    Purple is a popular colour with a lot of girls/women. They obviously wanted a strong colour to make it stand out, and purple goes with the green from the Xbox, so...

    For xmas the year before last, my sister and I went halves on a present for our mum. It was one of those electric foot massager things, and the box looked almost exactly like that.

    I am the controller...

    Box: You are the controller.
    Customer: Oh awesome! So what are you for, then?
    Box: You need me to make you into the controller.
    Customer: But I AM the controller.
    Box: Well, I guess I'm really the controller. But you're like... a necessary peripheral!
    Customer: You lied to me, man. I thought I was special.

      kotaku needs to add a reddit-style system for up-voting comments

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