Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Gets Arty Limited Edition

That limited edition of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Aussie distributor Ubisoft hinted at last month has now been revealed, courtesy of EB Games.

It's certainly not a limited edition on the scale of, say, Halo: Reach or Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, but it looks a nice treat for Kingdom Hearts fans.

That's it pictured there on the right in an extra wide PSP box. Inside you'll find a 48-page hardback art book and two Birth by Sleep art prints. It's exclusive to EB and will be retailing there for $88.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep releases in Australia on September 9, only on PSP.


    The Dissidia art book was a bit of a letdown, so I won't be splashing out on this one. Still looks pretty though!

    No thanks. I still have yet to play Kingdom Hearts 365/2 days anyway.

    God, I REALLY HOPE that these kingdom hearts titles sound cool in Japanese, because they sound completely retarded in English.

    First 365/2 days, now BIRTH BY SLEEP? Seriously -_-

    I'm a sucker for just about any Limited Edition! I'll have to pre-order this tomorrow when I pick up my SC2 L.E.

    I've already preordered mine ^_^ I can't wait!

    358/2 Days have a meaning, 358 is the number of days the game is set over, 2 refers to Roxas and Sora(Or Roxas and Xion) both living at the same time, and Days is obviously Days. It also abbreviates to some sort of internet coding/computer term

    Now, Birth By Sleep, well...Nomura just wanted to use 'by' in the title. He also wanted to use 'Sleep' and for it to have the same sort of internet coding/computer abbreviation. Therefore, Birth By Sleep. It also have relevance to the sotry of Birth By Sleep.

    The names aren't really there just to sound cool. They're there to convey a meaning. I personally like both, though 358/2 Days is a bit of a mouthful

    Square Enix art books are pretty much always a letdown. Well, at least the ones in their collectors/limited edition games. Gimmie the 100+ pages from my Tekken 6 or Bioshock 2 artbooks anyday over the 20 page joke that came with Crisis Core and Final Fantasy XIII

    Inside you’ll find a 48-page hardback art book and two Birth by Sleep art prints ok uhhh this might sound stupid but does it have the game with it??

      Haha, yeah, it comes with the game

    I want kh 3, black ops 2, and assassins creed 3 so badly! Those 3 r my fav game series! COD, Assassins Creed, and KH!

    roxas is my fav character and kh2 is the best kh game ever!

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