Korean Gamers Are Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

Korean Gamers Are Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
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Do you think you could beat a pro-gamer from Korea at Starcraft or Warcraft? You can’t. You won’t. You don’t have a chance in hell.

This clip is from the excellent documentary The Hax Life, which takes a look at some pro gamers competing in the Korean capital, Seoul. It’s at times touching, at times frightening, and at others, just mind-bending.

Watch this video, then try and move your hands and fingers that fast doing anything, let alone complex routines in a particular video game.

The Hax Life [YouTube]


  • I’m sure if you practiced as much as these guys do you’d reach the same level of APM eventually but, for those who aren’t in the pro gaming leagues then I doubt it’d ever be something to worry about.

    It’s like saying the average Joe will never be as good as an olympic athlete sprinter.

  • People don’t realise that it’s not just blazing APM and to reach the 400 or so requires months of conditioning. Even with still very high levels in Starcraft, quality of actions >>>>> spamming keys.

    For people wanting to reach a 250+ it’s just practice. Memorise your keybindings/hotkeys back to front, use post-it notes around your monitor for prompts (eg SUPPLY BLOCK or even Build Orders) until you’re 100% comfortable.

    And just keep playing until it’s trained into your muscle memory, play should become an instinctive skill, so you eliminate that split-second delay most new players have when they consciously make actions.

  • What’s funny is the Aussie WC3 representative beat Moon at one of the WCG world finals, with far far LESS APM.

    There was a classic case of a Canadian player called Teste who went over to Korea for a while to play Starcraft (which needs wayyyyyyyyyy more APM).

    He wasn’t a quick player – he wasn’t even an average player, hand-wise. He had an APM hovering around 100 to 150, miles below even Legionnaire of Australia, who played with just over 200.

    If your memory is up to shape, and you always are on track of what you need to do, you can get around the APM problem. Some progamers in Korea have APM reaching up to 400; it doesn’t guarantee them a win.

    • This guy knows whats up.

      Just because you can do something fast, doesn’t mean you can do it well.

      There are two parts to gaming, the input, and the reason behind the input. Just because you have the best input doesn’t make you the best gamer.

  • If you look at what’s actually happening on the screen, there’s no way every key press is accomplishing something useful.

    I’ve no doubt APM helps but many of the actions they’re doing is just useless selecting groups back and forth.

    • I have to agree, I’d like to see these kinds of videos slowed down and show what each individual hot key is doing. I imagine a lot of people here have either played Starcraft or Warcraft 3, probably even both.
      Think about these games. No matter what level you are playing at there just simply isn’t that many things to do in the game at one time. Sure there is a lot of strategy and micromanagement, but looking at that even without micro they would have to be building a least a dozen units and queueing a dozen buildings up every minute.

  • seems like a lot of the actions dont do anything
    moving units 50 times a second on the same screen does jack

  • I’ve played Flight of the Bumblebee before. Pretty sure my fingers were flying pretty fast then 😛

    But yeah, this is farkenuts.

  • Holy crap. I never played much of the strategy games, and maybe it’s just as well…I’d get completely pwned.

  • My bad, Moonglade defeated the 2nd placed qualifier from Korea, not Moon. He did manage to beat other top players though, including Grubby (WC3 WCG world champion) and DeMusliM (who is now one of the best SC2 players in Europe, who recently moved from the UK to Cologne to be a part of gaming team mTw).

  • To all the people saying that some of his actions are doing nothing, watch what is actually selected, not what is on screen. While directing your troops in battle, you also need to manage all of your resources back at your base, and so while you watch them attack, you’re still building units. The key part is multitasking. I can’t manage my base while I attack, so at the end of every fight, I have huge amounts of excess resources, and close to no units.

  • Yep. Moon doesn’t spam keys needlessly. All his structures are hotkeyed too meaning he can macro and micro at the same time with as little mouse input as possible. This is War3 which requires very little APM.

    In Starcraft (especially Broodwar) you really DID need to spam commands constantly because the unit AI was so bad. Dragoons in particular need a lot of attention or they move in the wrong direction, bottleneck, get caught on map artifacts etc.

    • Thanks to the unit AI being tonnes better, and that you can select more than 8 units in a selection at one time, Blizzard just made APM less effective.

      Still helps though if you know how to spend your A’s well per M. I know first hand what happens when you don’t. You end up in Bronze League.

  • Watching this, I realise there is as much difference between professional gamers and regular games as there is between professional sportspersons and people who play on the weekend.

  • Using sandbags to train? My first thought was that training for RTS is a lot like training for martial arts if drunken master is anything to go on.

  • If I could move my fingers that fast and that accurately I’d have beaten Guitar Hero 3 on expert by now. That is simply crazy.

  • what! and to think i always push the keyboard away when i play a rts. I love to see them do a mouse only battle.

  • my apm is about 120, and personally I feel I can only ever achieve about half of what I see them do, so yeah, pretty much what Nada said, a minimum of 200 is imperative for high-level play.

    When doing certain specific manoeuvres such as vulture or mutalisk harass, my own personal apm can reach a peak of 300, without being very effective. Their apm would peak at around 600-700, WHILE BEING EFFICIENT WITH THEIR ACTIONS. This is why the average is around 200-300. Most of the time they’re at a steady 200 then because of these peaks, it pushes the average up.

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