Kotaku Matchmaker: StarCraft II

Aussie online gamers know that any online game is best enjoyed with, well... other Aussies. To ensure your weekend online gaming is as lag-free as possible, every Friday we'll be hosting the Kotaku Matchmaker, where you can meet new friends online!

We'll be theming each Matchmaker around a specific game, but you can check back in the archive of older titles below. And feel free to suggest a totally different game in the comments, if that's what you're planning to play this weekend.

This week it's the turn of - what else but - StarCraft II.

All you need to do is leave your Battle.net details in the comments below. Mention a bit about yourself, too: Zerg, Terran or Protoss?, how experienced you are, anything that'll help other players decide if you're really a good match.

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    I shall be the first!

    Nickname: WildTiger
    Character code: 604
    Server: SEA
    Plays: Protoss, mainly
    Experience: Fairly new, but know the basics quite well.

    My email is [email protected]
    I am a protoss (and sometimes terran) player and I would say moderately skilled, add me yo!

      Name: Matchbox
      ID: 951
      Server: SEA
      Plays: Protoss
      Experience: Played starcraft 1 a fair while and a tiny bit of beta

    Nickname: Bugalugs
    Character Code: 283
    Server: SEA
    Plays: Terran currently.
    Experience: Played a bit in the beta. Not hugely proficient.

    Nickname: Pernunz
    Character Code: 933
    Server: SEA
    Plays: Protoss (at the moment)
    Experience: Not a lot, but I'm learning quickly.

    Nickname: Proliference
    Character Code: 898
    Sever: SEA
    Plays: Zerg, most of the time
    Experience: Alright i suppose but not uber pro

    Nickname: Rheotron
    Character code: 520
    Server: SEA
    Plays: Terran
    Experience: Pretty new to the game, still pretty noob.

    Name: Shimano
    ID: 54 (I think)
    Plays: Craply as Terran and nothing else yet
    Experience: See above

      893 not 54 :)

    Nickname: CoreSide
    Character Code: WTF?
    Server: SEA
    Experience: I sometimes avoid getting my arse handed to me in the practice league ><

      Nobody can add you without your character code. In the friend section where you find your list of friends, click 'Add Friend'. In there you'll see a character code.

    Character Code: 113

    Nickname: Cerzel
    Code: 706
    Plays: Terran and rarely Protoss
    Experience: I totally suck.

    Nickname: wynstyn
    character code: 521 (i think)
    plays: random
    Experience: know the proper tactics, execute them poorly!

    Nickname: RiccoFrost
    Character code: 659
    Server: SEA
    Plays: Random
    Experience: Played Starcraft 1 and was in the SC2 Beta for about 2 months.
    Enjoy playing with people who just love playing for fun and don't take it too serious. I play a bit of everything 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4

    BRUYAZUKI and character code 845
    experience: very little

    Name: Inaudable
    ID: 836
    Plays: Protoss mainly, occasionally zerg.
    Experience: upper bronze :p

    Nickname: Kimbob
    Code: 563
    SEA (AUS)
    Plays: Terran...So Far
    Experience: I Suck...Still Learning & will be for a while. But I love it!

    Nickname: Meepers
    Code: 528
    Server: SEA
    Plays: Protoss / Terran
    Experience: beginner

    Nickname: Blacklotus
    Code: 466
    Server: SEA
    Play: Zerg
    Experiance:a couple of months in the beta but had never played starcraft before that so probably about average skills. Doing okay in the gold league.

    Nickname: CptViolence
    Code: 857
    Server: SEA
    Plays: Random, except when I get sick of random choosing terran, then I'll go Protoss.
    Experience: Average Experience, Bottom of Gold Leauge.

    Nickname: sham
    Code: 685
    Server: SEA
    Play: Terran for the moment
    Experience: Beginner, still learning Terran, don't know all the units yet.

    Code: 667
    Server: SEA
    Exp: New
    Plays: Terran, Protoss

    Sever: SEA
    Exp: Platinum-ish
    Plays: Terran

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