Kotaku's Top Five List Of Top 10 Lists

Each week throws off several new video game lists ranging from the humorous to the trivial. What's better? A list of those. Here's a roundup of the rundowns out there.

Eight Ways to Improve Red Dead Redemption [EgoTV]How about "Press Y to Skin Human."

Video Gaming's Greatest Mustaches [OC Weekly]A bit surprised that Mario is not on this list; perhaps his spot was taken by Wario. But I'm not going to argue with Mayor Mike Haggar from Final Fight, an outstanding No. 1 pick.

The 16 Worst Comic Book Video Games [Popcrunch]Of course Superman for the Nintendo 64 is No. 1. This list also includes two games with that titular cliché "The Rise of ..." in their titles. So, that should be fair warning that if your film or game has that ominous sounding "The Rise of ..." followed by a very specific name or proper noun anyone outside of the core audience hasn't heard of, rising or otherwise, it's probably a piece of shit.

Top Ten Reasons Why Kinect is Worth $US149 [Planet Xbox 360]"It will get you laid" is not among them. Which means it's probably not worth $US149.

12 Facts Abiout StarCraft You Might Not Have Known [Asylum]Not on this list: StarCraft II comes out on Tuesday. That's because you already knew that.


    Great lists, except for the kinetic one...

    Some of his points are kind of iffy, for example, he argues that kinect is great for lazy people navigating the dashboard, but surely waving your arms around extends more effort than pushing buttons on a controller...

    That Kinect list sounded more like an advertisement. It's just a list of ways that it'll change your life and how impressive technologically it is and how cool these motion controls games like kinect animals look. Either the guy seriously loves the Kinect, or microsoft paid for that article, cause noone wants to play Kinect Animals that much.

    That StarCraft list is pretty terrible... most of that is really common knowledge in the greater gaming community.. the only one i didn't know was the Astronaut one..

    I also disagree with one of the points in the comic article... Aquaman is NOT cool.. there is nothing cool about Aquaman...

    Lastly the Kinect article was a total waste of time.. lol

    I kinda wish that link about Red Dead Redemption didn't have the Donkey Punch image in it. NSFW :-(

    Shouldn't all games have "Press Y to Skin ___"?

    Mario? Sonic? Little Big Planet?

    Admittedly, the last would be as cute as it would be horrific.

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