Kratos Statue Rages At The Gods (And An Apple!)

At the end of the year, Sideshow will be releasing these two statues based on Kratos from God of War.

Standing 17" tall, and priced at $US250 for the standard edition and $US260 for the limited edition (which includes the Claws of Hades), they capture Sony's barely-clothed hero at his scowling best. That apple had better watch its step.

Each statue is individually painted (hence the price and limited availability), and at the moment, the limited edition is all sold out. Sorry.


    That looks awesome. I want one. Couldn't they have released this instead of the ultimate trilogy edition?

    I wonder if Good Game is getting one to add to their gaming den :P

    The muscle definition is very well done. It’s a refreshing change of pace to see an excellent video game statue that wasn’t designed for perverts.

    now THAT is epic - absolutely flawless in every way.

    personally i'd be terrified to have that in my house :P

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