LEGO Universe Spawns Collectable Card Game

Collectable bricks become collectable cards next year, when NetDevil's LEGO Universe expands with a virtual and physical trading card game, courtesy of the experts at Dire Wolf Digital. Who is Dire Wolf Digital?

Integrating a digital and physical collectible card game into an MMO seems like a very Sony Online Entertainment thing to do, which makes complete sense when you realise that Dire Wolf Digital is a company made up of former SOE Denver team members. Company president Scott Martins was the studio head of SOE Denver, after his previous company, Worlds Apart Productions, was acquired by them in 2006.

So Dire Wolf Digital has a lot of experience making collectable card game tie-ins for online games, including Legends of Norrath, the Star Wars Galaxies TCG and the Free Realms TCG. It's what they do and now they're doing it with LEGO Universe.

"Creating a game with the LEGO Group and NetDevil is an exciting opportunity, allowing us to work with a beloved brand and great business partners," said Scott Martins, president of Dire Wolf Digital. "The creativity and ‘build anything' spirit of the brand and LEGO Universe fit perfectly with trading card games, where players are limited only by their imaginations."

My imagination says to expect a game where coloured bricks equal mana used to build creatures and weapons to battle your opponent. We'll see if I am right next year.

Card generated with the TheFalseBlue Magic: The Gathering Card Generator.


    How the hell is it an artifact wall, (ignoring the taping effect, how does that even work?) that does not have a toughness? It would of worked better as just a normal artifact, with tap effect (TAP: turn Brick into a 2/2 red/green that gives shroud to yourself and all of your cards except this one, this effect ends at the end of your turn and you must sacrifice all of your monsters on the battlefield [this includes this card]) and then a decrease to the cost, prolly one (and turn the symbol into r/g ones.

    There. It now has a magic the gathering effect that is fitting.

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