Let's Get A Good Look At Square Enix's Halo: Reach Action Figures

Square Enix, in addition to making fancy video games, also makes a fancy toy or two. The company's Play Arts Kai line of highly detailed figures is welcoming Halo: Reach to the fold with two waves of posh toys.

Halo: Reach's Noble Team squad will be immortalised in high grade materials starting this fall, when Square Enix releases the first wave of its figures. In volume one, expect Noble Six, Emile and Jun. Carter, Kat and Noble Five—seen here in unfinished form—will ship as volume two in early 2011.

No price yet, just pretty pictures.


    Looks pretty sweet

    So skinny. But I'm just happy they don't have long flowing hair coming out of those helmets.

    I love the detail in these, but they're so Japanese. I hope I can position them so they they not pushing their groins out constantly.

    according to Bungie.net 'Noble 5', the guy with the big gun, is Jorge -a Chief Warrant Officer.


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