Let's Watch Some Guy Play Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV is now in beta, so people in the real world are playing it. And what do people in the real world do when playing video games? Yeah, they film it and upload it to YouTube.

Here's the game's character creation suite, followed by a lengthy section that divides its time between cinematic sequences and some introductory gameplay.

It's... yeah, it's Final Fantasy, alright.

[thanks Allen!]


    Watched some other videos and this one and yes the graphics look good but wow the combat looks so boring its not even funny it's like a normal mmo 3x slower.

      Actually, the combat from that video was actually the alpha "placeholder" combat system. It has since been updated with the new system, which is a lot faster. Around 2-3 times faster depending on the class.

      Also it may seem a lot slower than other MMOs in general, but that is because there is no "Auto Attack" in FFXIV. Every attack must be executed with key binds. Even the most basic attack.

    Yeh.. thatdoes look pretty aweful... and i usually like final fantasy stuff... well the older ones mainly...

      awful... damn my spelling...

    Is the combat turn based because it looks like it?

    That video is from the XIV Alpha version, which ended a while back. The Beta version has a different character creation set-up and, most importantly, and entirely different battle system. Not even the developers liked the Alpha one and immediately started working on the new one.

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