Life, The Universe, Beavis & Butthead

We interrupt our regularly on-topic conversation for something a little less so. Though, really, anything is fair game on Kotaku. But in this post, the game is even fairer! Join us, won't you, for some random chatter.

As exciting as today is, I'm not yet ready to believe that Beavis & Butthead is making a comeback, despite loosely sourced reports to the contrary. I think I'll just take comfort in the good things that I know are true, like that I'm going to EVO in Las Vegas tomorrow with the rest of the Meat Bun crew to enjoy some of that 100 degree weather and watching people who are really good at fighting games be really good at fighting games.

Also, these things are happening.


    If this is really true, I hope to see a few eps with guest appearances! Like Diare..I mean Daria (older), and also not forgetting the family from King Of The Hill. :)

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