Linkin Park Is Medal Of Honor's Eminem

EA combat's Activision's inclusion of a soulful song from Eminem's new album in Call of Duty: Black Ops with the inclusion of a soulful song from Linkin Park's new album in Medal of Honor.

Is there some unwritten rule that big-name, first-person shooter releases must contain a new song from musical artists I stopped caring about long ago? If so, might I suggest Nickelback for Ubisoft's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier?

As Activision did with Eminem, EA is doing with the modern Medal of Honor, tapping Linkin Park to provide a tune from their upcoming album for the game. The album is A Thousand Suns and the song is "The Catalyst". You can listen to a little of it in the video below.

See? It's very soulful and deep, even though it sounds like a lot of the other deep and soulful songs released over the past decade.

Not only is the song appearing in the game, it'll also be featured in a full-length music video directed by Linkin Park's Joe Hahn. The video will appear on the Medal of Honor website on August 1, one day before it hits the radio and iTunes.

Medal of Honor will be on store shelves on October 12. Linkin Park's A Thousand Suns will be in stores on September 14.

It's times like this I like to imagine an Ubisoft PR rep somewhere reading this and gasping, "He knows!"


    Do not want.

    I prefer Linkin Park if anything, I hate rap.

    zzz sounds like a horrible 21 guns wannabe

    Did some moron just say this sounds like that tripe '21 Guns' by Greenday? Are you ridiculously deaf sir? I think the song sounds quite good actually. How funny that I actually expected a write up on Kotaku with that pig-headed elitist POV we are usually subjected to... nothing out of the ordinary!

    Why they thought a mornfull emo song would go well with badass murdering and explosions I am not sure.

      Depends. Did you like Modern Warfare: Black Ops's Eminem one? -Personally though I think its a good pick.

        I have now and the Eminem song has more energy and force to it and suits that kind of action.
        The LP song would be good to highlight the horrors of war but the trailer was all action and did not seem to fit to me.

          Yeah your right there. Point taken, I thought it that way to.

    I love how both franchises (COD and MOH) have gone from semi-respectful, semi-historically accurate war simulations to giant money-printing pop culture machines.

    And by love, I mean it's horrible and extremely distasteful.

    I swear... if Ghost Recon goes with a Nickleback soundtrack, then I aint buying it!

    Link Park's discography consists of 2 decent albums and the rest is trash. Your supposed to get some studio albums out before releasing rubbish, but Link Park's label obviously didnt like that.

    Hybrid Theory and Meteora where decent, but then we got filler cash ins like reanimation, Textas Live, Jay Z, then midnight came out and showed how boringly mediocre they had turned their sound to.

    This is the same. Boring.

    You actually cared about Nickelback, Mike?

      Not sure what made you think I was referring to Nickelback... but no (mind you, having said that, I was forced to go to one of their gigs with a mate and regardless of my opinion of their music - they know how to put on a good rock concert and make extraordinary use of their production budget).

    The E3 trailer with New Divide and multiplayer gameplay was better

    Make em all Jamaican and redo the trailer to "I Dont Like Reggae"

    Good pick in my opinion.

    yes need heavy hardcore thrashin nickleback for next game

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