LucasArts Exec Offers New Hope Of Super Star Wars On 360

LucasArts executive producer Haden Blackman wanted to talk about taking Star Wars in new directions on video games, but an aside comment about Super Star Wars on the Xbox 360 naturally keeps the discussion fixated on the past.

"We're also interested - and this is something that comes from George [Lucas]- in taking Star Wars in new directions, not just always going back and rehashing what has been done before," Blackman told CVG in an interview, "But at the same time I would love to see a Super Star Wars on the Xbox 360, so I think anything is possible."

Super Star Wars, along with SNES brethren Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return of the Jedi, all released for the Virtual Console on Wii last year. Whether it's a hint or a new hope, this comment coming from someone in his position is plenty enough to stoke interest in the classic coming to Xbox Live Arcade.

LucasArts 'Would Love' Super Star Wars on 360 [CVG via MCV, OMG]


    As long as its redone in HD with new sprites, that would be insanely good to see done, not just a straight SNES port.

      I'd prefer not only HD graphics but improved sound and 100% different gameplay...

        100% different gameplay? So you don't really want Super Star Wars at all?


      also - please don't allow george to do anything new.. we all know what happened with everything he's done since return of the jedi... i swear he's trying to destroy the franchise in the slowest, most painful way possible..

    Im still dreaming of a KotOR III or Sith of the New Empire.

      you and me both i know i cant be the only one still P.Oed about this MMO atrocity

    I'd really like either Yoda or Indiana Jones's Desktop Adventures to be ported. 400 points for a randomly generated game that takes about an hour to finish each time... yes please.

    Dammit LucasArts, just stop crapping around and give Star Wars Battlefront 3 to someone to develop!

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