LunchTimeWaster: Better Than Doodle Kings... Doodle Gods!

Sick of Doodle this and Doodle that every time you browse the iTunes App Store? Well, you should probably not click on this post.

Doodle Gods is like a Civilization tech tree. You start out with the four basic elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air and must combine them in various ways to create new elements.

Earth plus Fire, for example, creates Lava. Water plus Lava, then, gives you Stone and Steam. After creating Alcohol by mixing Water and Fire, I kept trying to mix it with everything.

Can you find all 115 elements during your lunch hour?

Doodle Gods [Played Online]


    Did this one last weekend (for the badge on kongregate). Took me longer than an hour but I was doing some other stuff as well. It gets repetetive, but has that 'gotta catch them all' quality to it.

    I just created sex... does that mean I'm not a virgin anymore?

    Got up to 58, let the hints get me to 65, then quit. For the first 20 mins i had no idea you could mix 2 elements of the same class.

      There are also a few that you need to mix an element with itself, although there are probably other ways to get the same result.

    I got all 140 on the iPhone and had a blast doing it :)

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