LunchTimeWaster: Black And White And Weird All Over

Gregory Weir, author of artsy indie gems like The Majesty of Colors and How To Raise A Dragon, has a new game. It is also artsy and indie.

Looming sees you explore a strange, monochrome landscape. Its terrain is sparsely specked with odd, twisted architecture. It's also littered with objects to pick up: the dry bones of giant beasts, stone tablets, parchments.

You wander around, collecting items, mulling over the possibilities, deciphering a codex of ancient wisdom, scratching your head.

What is the meaning of it all?

Looming [Newgrounds]


    I found it very fun. I didn't understand it that much, a bit too obscure, really, but it was a fun game! :D

    i think i'm missing something.
    i just walked around for ages and nothing happened

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