LunchTimeWaster: Enter Your Favourite Band

Like music? Like old-school shoot 'em ups? Like games that mix music with old-school shoot 'em ups?

Freq Fire is curious. It plays like a fairly derivative vertically scrolling shmup. It looks OK. It throws waves of enemies at you in unimaginative patterns. There are powerups.

It's got a musical motif though. Powerups arrive the shape of musical notes and signatures. And when you start a new game it asks for your favourite band. It then pulls a random song preview of that band from Amazon, then pulls more random songs from similar artists, again from Amazon previews.

Which is nice, I guess. You're stuck with whatever's on Amazon, so if your taste in music inclines towards the obscure then you may be a little disappointed. It's no Audiosurf, obviously, but it's a decent enough way to pass a few minutes.

Freq Fire [Kongregate]


    Broken. It failed with THREE BIG NAMES. No music.

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