LunchTimeWaster: I Know, I Know, It's Serious

Coma is a beautiful, macabre yet whimsical little adventure. To reveal anything about it would be a spoiler, so I'm going to convince you to play with these gorgeous screenshots.

Seriously, how can you resist?

Coma [Newgrounds]


    This is easily the best game I've played all year. It's pretty much perfect. Completely engaging, incredibly well presented, a real work of art. In my opinion, it's a benchmark for all videogame storytelling to come. Unique, creative, fantastic.

    So, I just finished it. That was pretty amazing, considering it's a Newgrounds game and what not. Awesome music, art, etc. The ending wasn't exactly unexpected or anything but hey, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

    So, to clarify the end is when you find the basement?

      Never mind, I got it.

    Thankyou. I loved this.


    Really great. I can't believe it, a Newgrounds game that isn't boring after five seconds!

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