LunchTimeWaster: If Only Elections Were Really Like This

Wouldn't the Federal Election be a whole lot more entertaining if our leaders strapped themselves into go-karts and drove around the hills of Canberra lobbing bombs at each other? Of course it would.

Poll Position is a silly, yet strangely addictive, side-on racer in the vein of Excitebike. You pick your driver - Gillard or Abbott - and hoon to the right (political metaphor!) trying to either take out your opponent or simply beat them to the finish line.

It throws in a little Mario Kart with heaps of powerups to collect. There's the Vitriol Spray, the Backstab Bomb, Gulf Oil and the Betrayal Knife as your offensive moves, while Health Reform, the PR Shield and Surplus Power act as your defensive moves. My favourite though is the Wrath of Oakes, in which the giant head of Channel 9's seasoned political commentator looms over the horizon like the smartest smart bomb ever.

There's a meta-game, too, which records every win. Currently Abbott is out front. But where's the Bob Brown option?

Poll Position [Fizzy]


    Wow. Just wow.

    hehe i killed abbott :D

    the oakes bomb was pretty epic :P lol


    I love some of the power-ups... :D

    Betrayal knife - "Rapid-fire blindside attack"


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