LunchTimeWaster: It’s A Wild Goose Chase

Never before has the lower half of man’s bearded face posed such a threat to your existence as a tiny, blue, wild goose.

Chase Goose is a side-scrolling platformer sees you being chased by what can only be described as a threateningly hairy lower jaw, chomping away in the direction of your fearful goose. By bashing the left and right keys repeatedly (some might prefer gentle tapping, but if our goose is wild by name then our gaming technique may as well be wild by nature!), the goose runs across the screen to avoid being brushed by the perilous facial hair of a scruffy man.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the game, however, is jumping from platform to platform, which involves hitting certain keys just as you’re at the edge of the platform (all while continuing to bash your left and right keys to keep moving). This quickly becomes a frantic game of “left-right-left-right-HIT T TO JUMP- left-right-HIT 5 TO JUMP-left-right-left-right-HIT Q AND H AND K TO JUMP”, and so on in such a speedy and panicky manner.

When you’re tired of smashing buttons, you can watch your goose get KO’d by the jaw, which is, in itself, an amusing experiencing. Because let’s face it – if the goose can’t handle a beard, then it probably deserves what it gets.

Chase Goose [Kongregate]


    my keyboard is too loud to play this during lunch :(

    This would be perfect if David had posted this game

    Got a better one, check out Hearts Aloft at

      In future, best to send these tips to me directly.

    956m. Hmmm...

    Merci buckets, Tracey. You didn't tell me this would involve maths, and I kinda feel like I'm playing Heavy Rain again by having to mash multiple buttons.

    My god I cramped my ****ing arm playing this game!!!

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