LunchTimeWaster: Let's All Make a Platform Game

We're all going to play a game today. And we're going to play it together. Come join me!

Everybody Edits is a communal platformer, an 8-bit LittleBigPlanet where you don't simply share levels, you build and play them with countless other players.

So we're going to do just that. You're going to join me in a completely empty level and we're going to build the best platforming level ever. Or, more likely, a pile of rubbish.

Search for the Kotaku Experiment World and enter the edit code "lunchtimewaster". See you there. (Hopefully. This could be a miserable failure. But that's the fun!)

Everybody Edits [site]


    This will probably be blocked for me but I will check it out.

    I can't seem to find how to connect to lunchtimewaster?? Its not coming up in the search, nor is Kotaku....?? I tried!

      Should be working now. I think my session timed out.

    i drew mario in the bottom right, now to draw link

    You guys are awesome. This is hilarious.

      Cant find the room anymore

      And i had megaman planned :(

        We got timed out. I've created a new room with the same login details.

          There are two now, Kotaku Experiment and Kotaku Experiment World

        Delete something useless then box yourself into an area so everyone knows you're working in there. :)

    I did my name, of course :P lol

    Also started building a blue raceway on the top right corner...

    David - this is flipping awesome - you are such a champ for finding this!

    I can't find the game room anymore. Was having a lot of fun too, great site.

    I was confused, but it looked cool :D

    It was inevitable that it became cock world :P

    I see a large number of penises.

    ha everyone is trying to trap each other


    My megaman looked horrible. So why not draw a ghost eating link. Totally relevant

    My creation:

    god keeps destroying my expressway!!!!


      ok i managed to salvage the expressway from god momentarily... it's utter chaos in there!!

      If you're all going on a blue road joy ride - that's all me baby! haha

      The Chu expressway is officially OPEN!!! WOO!!

      Get on it by jumping up at blinky

    Just drew a pretty dumb black mage.

        Nice work, not dumb at all!

          Aw shucks.

    Also, props to the people who made Link, Black Mage, the alien from Space Invaders, and the Pacman Ghost (is it Blinky?).

    i made a pacman and pellets and a cherry.

      some ("rude person" - Ed.) just went and erased my hour's work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        yeah i was jealous of everyones art so i ruined it all.

    Some dick keeps flying around frickin everybody's work up.

    How can they fly around with no restrictions.

      Press G. And it was me by the way. :D

        I get the feeling u wern't the only one.

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