LunchTimeWaster: Let's All Make Another Platform Game

On Monday we made our own platform game. It was chaotic mess full of pointless jumps, retro tributes and, well, penises. Shall we do it again?

Everybody Edits is a communal platformer, an 8-bit LittleBigPlanet where you don't simply share levels, you build and play them with countless other players.

So we're going to do just that. You're going to join me in a completely empty level and we're going to build the best platforming level ever. Or, more likely, a pile of rubbish, as we saw on Monday.

Search for the Kotaku Experiment World and enter the edit code "lunchtimewaster". See you there!

Everybody Edits [site]



    As soon as 1pm hits i'm so there!

    It's be nice if we could build stuff without people being dicks and ruining it though.. :P

      also - how much better would this game be if it had a chat function!

    Yeah, I'll pass today, if it's all the same to you.

    It just turns into a pile of trash, because
    a) There is no planning or cohesion, particularly when you can't communicate quickly or efficiently to other users
    b) You get knobs who come only to trash other people's work (which happened on Monday, I think...)

    Also, Starcraft 2 is just so alluring...

    Where are you, Kotaku? :'(

      Nevermind, my work computer simply causes the page to loop back to the main screen over and over.

    Oi! That was some great rubbish on Monday! Don't be knocking it. :P

    I've done my bit >_<

    I just got back from Uni. What to draw today?



    wish i had time to make a rollercoaster that was a bit better...

    I knew the phallic symbols would make their way in somehow.

    Is it just me, i couldn't get into the party all day, the room didn't even exist.

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