LunchTimeWaster: Pinball Quest: The Quest For Pinball

Everything's an RPG these days. Platformers, strategy games, shooters, rhythm games - you name it, they've all now got RPG elements. Now, how about a pinball RPG?

The Pinball Adventure, despite its confusing name, is actually more of a pinball RPG. Kind of. Each table gives you quests, like an MMO: kill 10 of this type of monster, then kill 10 of that type of monster. Complete these quests to unlock the boss monster, kill it, and then move on.

It'd be good to see the developers continue to add features, such as skills or other character upgrades, to further enhance that RPG-ness. But, somewhat spongey physics aside, this is a good start.

The Pinball Adventure [Kongregate]


    The physics are a bit dodgy aren't they?
    Metroid prime pinball was a good pinball adventure

      I agree on both counts. It's not a bad game, but it doesn't really do anything that most pinball games, including physical ones, don't do today.
      Had fun with it, but won't play it again.

      For some good pinball games look at Metroid Prime or even the Pokemon pinball games.
      For older games, look no further than the Epic Pinball series and Psycho Pinball.

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