Machinima Featured at The Block

The Queensland University of Technology's new art gallery, The Block, will soon feature its first machinima collection. The exhibit aims to chart the history of the combination of film making in video games through 60 titles, with "anything and everything" featured.

And yes, before you ask, there is some Second Life in there. And yes, we're aware of how lame that is. So is QUT.

But you can't have a full history without the lame bits, can you?

Fortunately, it looks like they've managed to secure some high-profile content creators such as Rooster Teeth (creators of Red vs Blue), and gain access to the genuine early days of machinima - such as United Rangers Cinema's 1996 Quake movie, Diary of a Camper - and some Aussie content makes it in there too.

Austrian artist Friedrich Kirschner, who "re-purposes computer games and realtime animation technology to create animated narratives and interactive performances", will be there to open the event on July 20th at 6pm. A screenshot of his work, Person 2184, is below - which believe it or not, uses Unreal Tournament 2004.

Admission is free to the event, which will be open from July 20th to August 7th. The Block is located on the corner of Kelvin Grove Rd and Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove.

Exhibition Hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 2.00pm-6.30pm Thursday and Friday 2.00pm-7.30pm Saturday 4.00pm-7.30pm

[QUT Creative Industries Precinct]


    "and some Aussie content makes it in there too." Well you would hope so since it is from the *Queensland* University of Technology.

    I have to disagree with you there about the Second Life Machinima works being lame. The game itself maybe lame but if the exhibition includes work by artists such as Evo Szuyuan ‘4 Jetpacks 4’ (the promotional image for the exhibition). I have a feeling that you will be singing a different tune Junglist!!

    I will definitely be checking this out, and dragging along my girlfriend as well if I can wrangle it. It's always good to see gaming, and its derivative works, being recognized as more than the domain of sweaty-basement-lurkers, no matter what Mr Ebert says.

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