Madden 11 Bundles Up With The PS3

Loyal reader [redacted] , a Best Buy employee, passes along not only this SKU-mor, but how new products on double-secret probation work for one major retailer.

BB's listing a Madden NFL 11 250GB PS3 bundle with the same street date as the main game, August 10. Right now, it's listed in a dead category in Best Buy's database. "That's typically done to mask a product from searches before it's been officially announced," the tipster says.

So, no, Madden 11 is not coming to GameCube, nor will it cost $US69.99. Nor will this bundle, assuredly. Suddenly this warehousing of new products in invalid departments makes me wonder if that's why we see so many mistaken listings for console exclusives going out on other platforms.


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