Madden! Madden Here! Get Your Madden! Who’s Ready?!

Madden! Madden Here! Get Your Madden! Who’s Ready?!

A bit of confusion descended on Times Square today as Madden cover man Drew Brees (above) showed up with stacks of Madden NFL 11 cases and some mystery as to what exactly was inside.

We’ll kill the suspense: it was a voucher for the new game, due out August 10, and not the disc itself.

First Brees, the MVP of Super Bowl XLIV, tweeted that he’d be down around 42nd and Broadway this afternoon and “Anybody who shows up gets a free copy of the game.” Absolutely true, as he didn’t say when they in fact would get it. Also, let’s show a little scepticism for the idea that Madden’s retail code was pressed in time for this. And even if it was, no way EA Sports would cut the nuts off of NCAA Football 11, which ships next Tuesday, with a stunt like this.

But an ESPN reporter on the scene vowed in two different followups this was the disc itself, leading to a brief panic and wild speculation on the price this game might fetch on eBay for anyone fortunate enough to snag it and resell it. Cool your jets. EA Sports verified this was a voucher giveaway, and restored order.

Madden 11 Handed Out In Times Square? [Pasta Padre, image via Pasta]

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